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Finding Your Why?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

This is a phrase I hear over and over again, especially in my career and if I can be honest this simple question gives me anxiety. I want to share what this phrase means to me and how I am overcoming my anxiety of not having the "right "answer.

What is a WHY?

Sounds like a question in a question

Let me explain. A "why" to me is being able to navigate to a place, thought, experience that you desire or something you are naturally drawn to and great at. YOUR "why" is only something you can discover even if people see it in you before you do. Your "why" is an unselfish gift to those around you that can benefit from what you uniquely have to offer.

All that said, understanding how to define your unique gift doesn't always come easy. For example, I second guess my self a lot, so even when I think I found my "why" I'm like "Nah, this isn't it". That's how it is for me in my corporate job and with my love for fashion. I am still discovering the space I am suppose to operate in and I am still DEFINING what I want to be known for. If I can encourage you with one simple concept that helps ease my anxiety, it is to never stop discovering. It is that journey that helps shape your "why". It is what divinely aligns you to where you are supposed to be. Even in the midst of confusion, OWN that as apart of the journey and recognize when you no longer feel that sense of uncertainty and doubt! I hope this was encouraging for you as much as it was for me even as I sit here and type this.

Share your "why" below!

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